‘Ask us what we do for a living, ask us what we do for a living!’

Client Type: Private Client

Not what you generally expect when you answer the phone to a client…but not a complete shock having helped to plan and organise the business sale for these two clients.

Over time we’d helped them understand how they’d like retired life to look. We walked them through how much that life costs, providing advice on how much they’d need to sell their business for in order to do everything they wanted: pay off their mortgages, buy the villa, help the kids and…buy the dream boat.

We’re proud to say we helped them through it all, and upon asking them, ‘what do you do for a living?!’, their answer was- in unison-


yacht sailing in a beautiful location


‘Thank you for your help and encouragement to make it happen.’

Client Type: Private Client

Two clients of ours recently retired and set off on their travels around Florida, something they’ve dreamed of doing for years. Our team ensured their plans were on track so they could set off with financial confidence. Soon after their journey, the happy client sent us their summary, having completed:

10,875 miles in an RV
7,411 miles in the USA
3,464 miles in Canada
185 nights
133 nights boondocking
41 nights in a proper bed
11 nights paid camping
39 sky dives
27 US states
16 churches
10 drop zones
8 civil war battlefields
6 Canadian provinces
5 ferry rides
4 fills of propane
3 guitars
2 of us
1 hell of a trip
Countless blessings, new friends and insect bites.

They said to our team:
‘Thank you for your help and encouragement to make it happen.’
We can’t express enough the joy we take from hearing success stories from our clients achieving their dreams!’

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