Financial Planning – The magic lies beyond the numbers!

At Brunel Wealth, we believe financial planning adds significant value to your financial wellbeing and subsequently your life. We continually assess how we achieve this. Below is an overview.

How we add value

Imagine having a trusted friend who also happens to be an expert with finances. They just ‘understand you’ as well as how to make your savings work harder or how to ensure you’re all set for a rewarding retirement. That’s what great financial planning feels like!

It’s not all about daunting charts and complex jargon – it’s a friendly, helping hand that can help make your dreams come true.

You may start with some specific questions on your mind.

  • Do I have enough?
  • How can I make my money work harder without the taxman taking a huge slice?
  • What kind of yearly income can I expect from my pension?
  • Is there a way to lighten the blow of inheritance tax?
  • What will happen to my family if I cannot work, or the worst should happen?

These are all great questions and we’re more than ready to help answer them. But the magic of financial planning doesn’t stop there. The real beauty of regular and continued financial planning is how it can change your life in ways you might not have thought of.

We believe real value is found in going beyond answering those individual questions. It’s all about helping you live the life you want, achieving financial freedom and obtaining peace of mind. That’s how financial planning really adds value. It’s like a roadmap to your financial dreams!

We believe everybody can benefit from financial planning regardless of life stage.

Our financial planning service and how we believe it can add value is outlined below. Working by your side, throughout this process, allows us to create a bespoke financial plan, designed to help deliver the lifestyle you desire without having to worry about money.


The vital first step is all about understanding you. We can’t add value, without first getting to grips with where you are and where you aspire to be. So, we will work with you to understand where you, your family & business or career want to go and what your ideal future looks like.


Brunel Wealth will act as your personal guides. We will help you explore what is possible with your wealth. Helping you visualise your future and make smart decisions, with confidence. Where appropriate we will use sophisticated cashflow modelling software to help with this. This provides considerable comfort.

We will:

  • Craft a bespoke plan (the roadmap!) designed to deliver and protect the life you desire.
  • Structure your income, savings & assets in the most tax efficient way to fund your plan. Making sure more of your money stays in your hands!
  • Select long-term investment partners to deliver to the plan (accessing world-leading discretionary fund managers & making use of legitimate tax exemptions, reliefs and savings).


As part of your on-going service, we will:

  • Provide investment oversight – overseeing your investment manager. We will monitor your portfolio’s risk-return balance and asset allocation. If the strategy veers off course, we will step in, ensuring that the manager’s actions align with your financial goals, so you don’t have to.
  • Help you keep more of your returns – We work continually to secure the most competitive pricing on investment solutions. This practice plays a critical role in enhancing your portfolio’s potential growth and the value you receive. Savings on investment costs mean more of your funds invested, which can significantly boost your wealth over time. Our mission is to optimise your financial growth, achieve your objectives and ensure every pound is used to its fullest potential.
  • Act as your behavioural coach – we are not just here to guide you through the numbers, but also to help you understand your financial habits, motivations, and emotions. Research shows that when left to their own devices, investors often travel in the wrong direction, selling when they should be buying and buying when they should be selling. That’s because we are all subject to well-known behavioural biases such as over-confidence or loss aversion. We will help you tune out the noise when investment markets get tough (they regularly will!) and stay focused on your long-term goals.


Life is not static, and neither should your financial plan be! It’s crucial to review and adapt to your and the world’s changing circumstances.

Think of your financial plan as a carefully charted journey with your life’s events and finances as landmarks. Over time, these landmarks may shift, altering your route. We act as your experienced guides, adept at adjusting your route to accommodate these changes. Our regular reviews are like navigational check-ins, keeping your financial journey aligned with your goals. This ensures you stay on course, enabling you to reach your financial destination as intended.

The value of working with us

By working with Brunel Wealth, you’re not only creating a financial plan that aligns with your lifestyle and goals, but you’re also making sure you’re managing your finances in the smartest possible way. Our team’s years of combined expertise helps us navigate your financial journey with precision and efficiency.

This will help you make clear and confident financial choices throughout life. Delivering peace of mind and allowing you to spend your time living life to the full.

We believe that our service adds significant value to all our clients’ lives.

Having considered all areas of our service in our assessment of value, we believe the service provided demonstrates overall value. Our service proposition along with this value statement has been approved by our network, Best Practice IFA Group Limited.