Most of us will have heard the quote from Benjamin Franklin: “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. In the UK, we enjoy one of the most complicated tax regimes in the world, which is changing all the time. One constant, as Franklin’s quote confirms, is tax. It would be virtually impossible to totally avoid tax, but there is a lot that can be done to keep it to a minimum.

We steer you through this complex world, making sure that you take full advantage of some of the generous tax allowances we all have available to us. At the same time, we will be vigilant in ensuring that you don’t fall into any of the numerous tax traps.

We help you plan income tax and capital gains tax during your life, making sure your family don’t lose large chunks of your hard earned money to inheritance tax in the event of your death.

We will talk to you about the favourable treatment of pensions and other investments when you put money into them, as well as the tax-friendly treatment of pension funds and Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) while they grow.

We will also produce a tax statement for you each year that you can give to your accountant, or whoever does your self assessment tax return. This will not only save you fees, but also make the administration of your return much more simple.