After many years of hard work, arriving at your retirement date is a huge milestone and should be celebrated.

If you have been working toward retirement with a strong financial plan, then this is when it should come into play. If you have not been planning, retirement is most definitely going to be a surprise, whether that be a good or bad one.

Upon entering retirement, the last thing you want is to discover that your finances will not facilitate the things you had planned. This will not be the case for clients of Brunel Wealth as they will have been following their bespoke financial plan, eliminating the possibility of any unwanted surprises.

We understand that after spending so much time accumulating your wealth, the thought of spending it can be daunting. As a client of Brunel Wealth, we will have been planning this phase for some years and will be there to assist you in the transition.

When setting the income we will incorporate flexibility and use all available tax allowances, making sure you achieve the income you require whilst paying a little tax as possible.

Reaching retirement is not the finishing line as far as your finances are concerned. It marks a major change in your circumstances that projects you into the next and potentially most enjoyable phase of your life. Being able to do this without financial concerns will make a world of difference. Brunel Wealth are here to ensure you enjoy financial freedom in retirement.