We understand that the challenges and circumstances of the accountancy and legal professions are different when it comes to managing finances. Our financial planners can help with your personal situation and objectives whilst leaving you to concentrate on dealing with your own clients. Through professional management of your funds, we can ensure that your money is working hard for you while you continue to work hard for your clients.

Retirement planning and pensions

Retirement planning can be complex for accountants and solicitors. The following are some of the most common areas we come across:

  • Making pension contributions and calculating annual allowances
  • Working out how much can be paid into their pension and whether they can afford to make the payments
  • Using ISAs, savings plans and investments to save for retirement
  • Measuring pension against the lifetime allowance

What the future holds

Dealing with your current investments and pension is only part of the whole financial package. You need to consider your future plans and how you can meet these financial objectives – we help you to look into the future by using cashflow modelling. We input details of your current savings, income and outgoings, along with your future goals and plans – this will produce a report of how likely you are to meet your objectives. Being aware of this as early as possible is vital, as it may be necessary to adjust your savings strategy in order to meet your goals. If changes are required, the earlier these are made, the more chance you have of hitting your targets. Cashflow modelling can help to answer some of the following questions:

  • Can we afford to send our children to private school or fund a house deposit?
  • What will my tax situation be like in the future?
  • Can I save more money each month?
  • When will I be able to retire or consider semi-retirement?
  • How can I plan for inheritance tax bill?

Tax-efficient finances

There are many different tax allowances and rules – they can be extremely complex. Understanding of the ins and outs can be very time consuming, but is vital to ensure that you are making the most of them. We structure your finances tax-efficiently and make sure you are using all the available allowances, including paying into pensions ISAs and considering complex, high-risk schemes.

It is not only having enough time on your own to ensure your finances are structured as tax-efficiently as possible, it is knowing that you are making the best use of allowances.

We work with your other advisors to calculate how much your tax bills are each year and help you allocate funds to pay the tax due.


  • Managing your funds will form an very important part of achieving your financial goals. The performance of your investments can seriously affect how much money you will have in the future.
  • We have access to the top investment managers and investment advisory services. This allows us to tailor your portfolio to meet your needs, we can also involve you in investment decisions if you wish. Alternatively and more commonly, investment decisions are delegated to professional managers to manage your finds, with the specific aim of controlling risk and achieving your goals.

Do your clients have similar financial requirement to you?

We work collaboratively with accountants and solicitors to help their clients in areas such as:

  • Financial planning and investment strategies for high net worth families
  • Income tax, capital gain tax and inheritance tax planning
  • Helping families with succession and inter-generational planning
  • Cashflow modelling, financial planning and investment management for personal injury claimants
  • Specialist financial and pension advice on divorce proceedings