Senior executives’ financial circumstances can be very complex. We provide executive financial counselling for a number of our large business clients.

Our specialists can help you

Planning for retirement, managing inheritance tax, investing for the children in your life and making sure you make full use of tax-efficient structures for your finances are the core of what we do. You may also need a full financial plan that aims to meet all your goals and objectives. Whatever you want to achieve with your money, we can help you, managing your investments to ensure your goals become a reality.

What the future holds? 

We use cashflow modelling to forecast a client’s future finances. This helps to create a vision of how much you should be investing for your future, when you can stop working, what type of lifestyle you can look forward to and how much you might be able to give away to your family. We also look at situations such as:

  • Paying for children’s school fees, university or additional mortgages
  • Making a large equity sale or exiting a business
  • Retiring gradually over a number of years
  • Managing a potential inheritance tax bill

Retirement planning

Pension tax rules can be especially complex for higher earners. Our experts help you with:

  • Using your annual allowance and using carry forward
  • How to most efficiently split contributions between your company or you personally
  • Managing the lifetime allowance tax charge
  • Setting up your income in retirement from your pensions, ISAs, other investments and cash savings. Allowing full use of tax allowances.