Whatever you envision doing when you retire, whether it is travelling the world, taking up a new hobby, moving abroad or something else – the earlier you start to plan, the easier it will be. At Brunel Wealth, we help you to make the most of your pension and other investments, achieving the retirement you want and deserve.

Planning for retirement may not be at the forefront of most successful business people’s minds, but there are some excellent government allowances and valuable tax reliefs that can aid both the business and the owner’s pension funds.

Our specialist advisors can help you understand:

  • How much you can afford to pay into your pension
  • How to make tax-efficient pension contributions through your company
  • About your annual and lifetime allowances, making sure you don’t accidentally breach the limits
  • What your company pension scheme can do to help your business, including purchasing commercial property within your pension scheme to save tax, and taking loans from your company’s pension assets to fund expansion

Taking an income

From the age of 55 we will work with your investment and pensions, setting up a targeted and tax efficient income when you retire. Income can be set at levels that keep you within tax brackets to minimise income tax. We use the tax free allowances from your pension and tax free income from ISA to provide an extremely tax efficient income. This allows us to include estate planning when setting up income in retirement. We will also show you how long your money should last and how much you can afford to spend each year.