It goes without saying that we are all living through unprecedented times, where the health of our families must be our priority. A very close second is protecting our finances which in many households will already be under stress. That stress will be compounded if a family member falls ill or worse passes away.

The situation poses a few questions:-

What protection do we currently have in place for both Health and Finances, are we covered for Death, Ill Health or Critical Illnesses?

When was the last time we checked our levels of cover and whether they are still adequate?

Can we increase the levels of cover for the same or less cost?

Are our Wills up to date?

Life assurance and critical illness cover
is still relatively inexpensive and simple to set up. Our specialists are successfully working from home during this unprecedented time and can provide a quotation over the phone and in writing. We can also help you understand any policies that you may already have in place and confirm the sums that are insured are adequate and in what events they would pay out.

The current environment of lockdown does not prevent us from examining these areas, all services can be carried out on line and by video call, so important issues don’t have to wait.

If all this prompts you to do is check your current policy’s then that will have made it worthwhile writing. If this prompts you to contact us without obligation to discuss your policies, or if you do not have existing policies, to obtain an indication of covers and costs we will be delighted to help.

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