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An Architectural practice was a client of Brunel for many years, and was claims free in this time.

However they notified a claim in 2009, concerning a residential refurbishment on the bank of the Thames for a high net worth individual. This individual sacked the architect because he was unhappy that they would not go against the advice of the Conservation Planners.

The architect pursued outstanding fees of around £50,000, only to be faced with 8 counterclaims by the client. These counterclaims were considered spurious and matters rumbled on

Eventually mediation took place, but reached an unsatisfactory conclusion with the architect’s insurers offering a “drop hands agreement” whereby they would pay the architect’s fees and with the claimant signing a walkaway agreement. The architect was unhappy with this offer and so were we! No negligence had been proven and we wanted his practice defended vigorously. The proposed agreement was declined by the claimant and matters carried on over several years until it eventually went to trial.

Brunel attended the two day trial with the client for support and reassurance. 7 of the matters were withdrawn at the 11th hour leaving one minor claim to defend in court. The architect was exonerated of any professional negligence and our barrister was outstanding in winning all indemnity costs including the 7 withdrawn matters (highly unusual) to be met by the claimant totalling £1,000,000!

A David and Goliath moment which was celebrated afterwards after 4 years of fighting. The outcome at renewal the next year was a reduction in premium by 40% and a client for life.

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